Hello, we're Just Eat

We operate a leading global marketplace for online food delivery, providing Customers with an easy and secure way to order and pay for food from our Restaurant Partners.

Our Customers

Our Customers

For our Customers, it is about offering them the widest choice – whatever, whenever and wherever they want to eat.

Reviews on our platforms 32.2m

Net new customers in 2017 3.9m

Our Restaurant Partners

Our Restaurant Partners

For our Restaurant Partners, we help them to reach more Customers, support their businesses and improve standards in the industry.

Total order value processed in 2017 £3.3bn

Average orders per restaurant in 2017 2,300

Our People

Our People

For our People, it is being part of an amazing global team, helping to connect 21.5 million Active Customers with our 82,300 Restaurant Partners.

Employees who are proud to say they work at Just Eat 82%

Employees who understand how their role contributes to Just Eat's success 85%

Our consumer journey

From mobile app to Smart TV, to desktop site and even re-ordering with Apple Watch and Amazon Alexa, there are so many ways to find your flavour.



The Just Eat apps and websites enable Customers to search for restaurants on our network in their neighbourhood using a variety of criteria, such as by cuisine choice and preference for delivery or collection.

Choose restaurant

Choose restaurant

Customers can then make an informed choice by reading Customer reviews and examining the menu. Once placed, details of the order are sent to the restaurant via our proprietary technology.

Payment method

Payment method

The Customer can choose either to pay securely online or by cash. The Customer receives a notification once the restaurant has accepted the order.

Delivery method

Delivery method

Once processed through an Orderpad, the Customer receives a notification when the delivery is on its way, unless they have chosen to collect their order.

Our business model

Just Eat operates a highly scalable business model with a beneficial cash flow cycle, creating value for our Customers, Restaurant Partners, People and Shareholders, by increasing revenue and profits over time.

The strength of our core marketplace business supports investment into our brand and technology. It also enables the development of delivery models to expand the size of our addressable market.

Our key strengths

Our revenue split



Accounted for 92% of Group revenue (2016: 92%). Commission paid by Restaurant Partners on successful orders, service charges and delivery fees.

Commission revenue is driven by the number of orders placed, average order value (“AOV”) and commission rates, agreed with each restaurant.


Top-placement revenue

Eligible Restaurant Partners may also pay for promotional top-placement on the Just Eat platform and are listed in a clearly labelled sponsored slot at the top of search results in a particular postcode for a period of up to 12 weeks. The number of slots are limited and the restaurant must meet certain quality and performance standards. Such payments constituted 6% of the Group’s revenue (2016: 5%).


Connection fees and other revenue

One-off connection fees to join the Just Eat network and other services such as branded commodity products accounted for 2% of the Group’s revenue (2016: 3%). Connection fees range globally from £nil to £750, depending on geography and market maturity.

These fees are charged to cover the cost of hardware installed into the restaurant and the sales and on-boarding process.

Our global coverage

Just Eat global coverage

Profitable territory  Investment territory  No presence

Outside of the UK, Australia and New Zealand, our segments are:

Developing Markets

The Group's associate in Latin America, iFood, also has a presence in Colombia and Argentina.

In addition, our Canadian business, SkipTheDishes, has a small operation in the USA.