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We believe in continuous innovation as well as getting the basics right so that our service remains the most convenient, relevant and reliable.

Placing orders

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A scalable platform

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Restaurant hardware

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Delivery tracking

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Feedback and research

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Placing orders

Be it through mobile, tablet, console, desktop, chat bots or voice enabled technology (Amazon Echo, Facebook Messenger, XBox and more) - at Just Eat, we make ordering through any channel seamless and easy. Utilising the latest security technology such as fingerprint identification, data security and encryption are at the core of everything we build online. We integrate easy to use secure payment services like Apple Pay, Android Pay, saved credit cards and PayPal.

Active users19 million

Countries worldwide13

A scalable platform

Our infrastructure was built with not just reliability, but scalability in mind to make sure our platform is available 24/7, 365 days per year. Our dedicated teams of software engineers, product managers, designers and researchers are constantly testing new systems based on customer data and feedback. Further to this, running our platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows us to rapidly deliver new features with the scalability required to maintain platform stability throughout the ordering process.

Peak orders per minute2,400

App downloads 20169,969,040

Restaurant hardware

Our restaurant partners are integral to our constant development of the platform as their feedback enables us to deliver a better quality service that they can then pass on to their customers. We enable our partners to grow their businesses through three core products: The Just Eat Box, Partner Centre and through Driverapp which provides our partners with a full suite of tools and allows them to fully manage their orders, deliveries and business data. *Data correct as of 30 September 2017

Orderpads in use19,000

Orders via Orderpad>70%

Delivery tracking

Throughout the ordering process, both the customer and restaurant can access the progress of each order and its subsequent delivery. By using real-time data and sophisticated mapping technology, drivers can quickly find their customers and send ‘order-on-its-way’ notifications. Tracking data also helps restaurants to plan orders more efficiently and cook their next delivery in time for collection, so that it’s hot and fresh when it leaves the restaurant.

"Order on its way!" notifications per month3,500,000

Feedback and research

Once an order has been successfully delivered, we listen to the ratings and reviews our customers leave, and share them with our restaurant partners to ensure we are providing an optimal service throughout the process. Data is also available to our restaurant partners via the Partner Centre, enabling them to analyse popular and unpopular dishes, peak business times, and other ordering trends with ease. Our development teams and sales representatives also use this data to drive innovation for our customers. Further to this, we utilise postcode data and customer ordering preferences to bring new restaurant partners onto the platform - providing more choice for our users and useful insights for our restaurant partners.

Partner Centre logins1.4 million

Reviews per month700,000

Join our tech teams

If you like what you see and think you have what it takes to be part of our tech teams working in design, UX, engineering, development or project management then visit our careers website.