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At Just Eat, we have the scale and expertise required to create a bigger, more profitable, and more sustainable food tech sector. What’s more, we believe that better technology solutions will be a key driving force behind creating the world’s greatest food community.

That’s why we’re investing in tech startups within the food industry - pushing the industry forward and creating a stronger sector that’s better for business, and better for those working within the sector. By investing in the sector, we can build a bigger and more robust food tech community.

We’ve set up a Corporate Ventures team to focus exclusively on this area. It invests and partners with food tech startups that we identify as having significant potential.

We also launched our first food tech accelerator in November 2016, the first of its kind in the online food delivery space. This offers food-tech startups the opportunity to apply for £20,000 worth of investment, one-on-one mentorship and introductions to renowned partners such as Crowdcube, Angel’s Den, Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

The programme has been a huge success, with ten investments being made across our first and second cohorts. Our investments included:

  • Go Kart: A London startup that allows chefs and food producers to save time and money by ordering from all of their different suppliers through a single, easy to use app.
  • Nutrifix: A startup that has developed an app that gets to know an individual’s goals, preferences, tastes and lifestyle - enabling them to identify the right healthy meal for every occasion.
  • Share Dining: A startup that matches unused kitchen capacity in venues such as restaurants, bars and cafes with other food businesses in need of temporary capacity.
  • Buzzer: Enables restaurants to harness feedback to drive operational change and find out what their customers are thinking in real time
  • Nourish’d: An online healthy canteen, helping companies impact the health of their employees by subsiding the cost of healthy meals for their staff and delivering nutritionally balanced meals to offices every day
  • Qincho: A collaborative, research-driven centre for the future of food, with a dedicated policy and outreach hub and a co-working space providing food and agri tech businesses with a chance to gain visibility and grow, innovate, and lead the transition to sustainability.

Our third food-tech accelerator programme is now underway. Once again, we're supporting, mentoring and growing bold and ambitious start-up's who are creating solutions in FoodTech. We offer funding, office space and industry expertise to help take these businesses to the next level.

Whether you're an entrepreneur in food waste, or an innovator in production, packaging or distribution, we want to hear from you. For more information, visit our Just Eat Ventures website at the button below.

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