Gender pay gap

We are committed to building an inclusive and big hearted culture in which all Just Eat’ers are treated equally.

Statutory report

This report includes information relating to the two companies based in the UK (Just Eat Holdings & Ltd) that are required to report separately on the government website. The information contained in this report was collected on 5 April 2017 in line with the report requirements.

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Inclusion at Just Eat

“At Just Eat, we are committed to building an inclusive and big hearted culture in which all Just Eaters are treated equally. My vision for Just Eat is to foster an environment in which all employees have a sense of belonging. It is essential to our aspiration to attract, develop and retain talent and to create meaningful relationships with our restaurant partners and customers that we treat everyone equally, regardless of gender or background.”
Peter Plumb, Chief Executive Officer

Gender Pay Gap

The median number is the middle figure when the hourly rate of all employees are listed in ascending order. The mean is the total amount of all hourly rates, divided by the number of employees. Ltd Just Eat Holdings
Mean 12.39% 16.87%
Median 6.44% 13.11%

Gender Bonus Pay Gap

The mean is the total amount of bonus paid, divided by the number of employees. The median is the middle figure when the bonus amounts paid to employees are listed in ascending order. Ltd Just Eat Holdings
Mean 62.97% 36.62%
Median 35.00% 36.25%

Percentage of males and females that receive a bonus Ltd Just Eat Holdings
Male 88.17% 85.49%
Female 81.12% 86.40%

Population by Pay Quartiles Ltd Just Eat Holdings
Quartile Female Male Female Male
Lower 52.80% 47.20% 42.34% 57.66%
Lower middle 45.16% 54.84% 22.73% 77.27%
Upper middle 35.48% 64.52% 15.45% 84.55%
Upper 41.13% 58.87% 28.18% 71.82%

Why we have a Gender Pay Gap...

“It’s important to state that the gender pay gap is different to equal pay. Just Eat is committed to providing equal pay for equal work. Our gender pay gap is largely influenced by the unequal gender split within our technology population, which equates to around a third of our UK based employees. Whilst the predominance of males in technology may be a wider market issue, we are committed to initiatives within the business and at a grass roots level that address this imbalance.

In addition, we have fewer females in senior roles within the business - where the pay and bonus gap is most sizeable. We have made recent strides to lessen this gap, and look forward to making further progress in the future. Just Eat strives to create the world’s greatest food community. As such, it is critical that we build a company that reflects the diverse nature of our restaurant partners and customers alike. We wholeheartedly support the government’s gender pay gap initiative, and will put our full backing behind driving changes that create an inclusive and fair environment for all.”
Lisa Hillier, Chief People Officer

Our commitments

Just Eat is proud of the inclusive culture we have built. However as these results show, there is more that needs to be done to address our gender pay gap. We have launched a number of initiatives within the business which aim to create absolute equality around how we attract, develop and retain female talent. Further to this, we have launched a number of initiatives internally, through partners and with local schools which will enable us to support the drive to attract young women to careers in technology.

Active initiatives Future commitments
& Values
  • Women’s mentoring community
  • Women’s internal network for Just Eat employees
  • Following on from the material improvement of our maternity provision, an updated return to work programme for those rejoining the business after maternity leave will be launched
  • Launch educational programme around diversity and inclusion within our technology department
  • Removal of gender biased language from all job descriptions and adverts
  • Gender balanced shortlists for senior vacancies
  • Focus on featuring existing female talent in employer brand campaigns
  • Gender balanced shortlist for graduate and apprentice vacancies
  • Company presence at key ‘women in technology’ events
  • Gender balanced interview panels within Technology recruitment processes
  • Volunteer STEM ambassadors appointed to work with local schools and educate young women on careers in Technology
  • Coaching programme launched for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Work experience opportunities across the business for students
  • Unconscious bias training for hiring managers
  • Female focused in-house events, run by senior talent

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